Create A Great Room For Your Boy

Boys like to have bedrooms with style also. They want a room that is relaxing, but also one that has the wow factor. Boys like a lot of color and design that can be created with some creativity. Boys like the sports, guitars, music, and those other things that keep you busy. They are not 8 years old where we can put cute baseball stickers on the wall, but we have to be more creative. Teen boys like the dark colors. Putting a reversible comforter on the bed is a great start. It brings in the color. Placing a dust ruffle with the color on the underside of the comforter will bring out both colors. Using the dust ruffle is great, it hides all the stuff that gets shoved under the bed.

Placing solid colored curtains with pull down blinds is also a way to keep the privacy and still keep the color. Using fun lighting like lava lamps and black lights makes the room fun. For the sports nut, hanging a fun jersey on the wall will bring in the team or framing a sport team poster. For the music lover, hang a framed poster of the band or some great art work of music notes.

On the furniture you can place some creative art work of instruments and notes. There are some great art pieces out there.

Most teen boys like the video games and stereos. Placing one of those video chairs in the room is great. A place for the remote or control panel. They then have a comfortable place to play and these do not take up much floor space. they come in many different colors and match any decor.

Place a great rug on the floor, under the end of the bed. This will protect the floor from the spills and shoes that get taken off there. It adds color and helps in the room. Boys are active, but do not think about being clean. Using a large clothes hamper in great colors also help with this problem. They then can toss the clothes like a basket ball and keep the floor picked up. Keep the room fun, but make it easy for them to keep picked up. Too much stuff will always look messy.

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